Virtually Yours provides

Business Support and General Administration



Are you a busy professional that doesn't have time to

attend to the day-to-day responsibilities that come with

operating and managing your business?

It may be time to outsource to a virtual assistant.


Business Support and
General Administration

To be successful as an owner, it is essential to focus on your expertise and maximize your valuable time by delegating the admin functions of operating your business.


If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you don’t have to do it all yourself.   Focus on what you do best, your expertise, and outsource/hire a virtual assistant that can take care of the administrative aspect of your business to maximize your valuable, billable time.  By outsourcing, you hire as needed and are not obligated to regular payroll, payroll taxes, workers comp insurance or providing benefits.  Hiring an independent contractor is a business expense. You also outsource as little or as much as you prefer.  It can be as simple as managing a calendar, to as involved as providing day-to-day business and administrative support.


Virtually Yours LLC provides business/admin support, as well as personal assistant services.  As a small business owner, there is never enough time in the day, and we realize that personal requests may overlap with business requests.


We treat each client as a true partnership, managing responsibilities with diligence to ensure that the best administrative practices are implemented consistently while providing clear and proactive communication about task status and needs.

We take care of the details you can’t get to.


About the Principal

Sandy Tremblay, Virtually Yours LLC

With 20+ years’ experience in the business sector, I understand the typical responsibilities of running a business and tailoring our services to your needs to be executed timely and to the highest level of quality with discretion and professionalism. 


Virtually Yours was started in 2013 because I understand the challenges that face all of us when managing the day-to-day details and administrative responsibilities that apply universally to all businesses.  There is always one more thing to do, a deadline to meet and never enough time in the day to stay on top of the “minutia” that is critical to operating a business. 

"I take care of the tedious, but necessary details that are part of every business."

Our Services

Services can be customizable to fit your needs. If a service is not listed, please send us a request.

  • Email, calendar and time Management 

  • Monitor deadlines with appropriate follow up

  • Organize and maintain documents including online retrieval and archiving of documents

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Event and meeting planning
    and coordination


  • Schedule resources – people, meetings, appointments, conference rooms, equipment,
    and other resources that may
    be required



Virtually Yours has extensive experience researching, planning, and coordinating domestic and international travel to destinations that span the globe.  We will optimize travel arrangements based on your travel needs and preferences, manage complex itineraries, and process related expenses.

  • QuickBooks / Bookkeeping

  • Invoicing

  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable / Payment Management

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Financial Management
    and Reporting



Sometimes business and personal overlap and we just need help getting it all accomplished.  Other times, our schedules are just plain busy, and we want to delegate errands and other responsibilities to free up time to enjoy.

  • General errands & shopping

  • Wait services

  • Household and lifestyle Management

  • Research vendors and obtain quotes

  • Personal or Corporate gift shopping - client appreciation, family and friends

  • Event planning support; client appreciation and other events

  • Restaurant reservations

Services can be customizable to fit your needs. If a service is not listed, please send us a request.



“I've used Virtually Yours for years, and have found Sandy organized, on the ball, and highly reliable. When I need something, she gets it done--fast. Given her years of business experience, I can trust her to deal with everyone in my life, including my senior-level clients (one of them--the CEO of one of a high profile global company--wrote me recently to say that she was a "real gem").  What I most appreciate about Sandy, though, is her honesty and integrity. I try to run my business to the highest possible professional standards, and in Sandy, I have found a like-minded partner. Highly recommended.”

- National Prominent Writer and Communications Specialist

We are ready to help you!

Virtually Yours is a fully-insured, locally-owned company.

Sandy Tremblay

(401) 632-5003

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